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Welcome to my illustration page where you can come and join me in my world of drawing and painting, I am Alex Petkovic and I work under the name of  A P Illustrations, I work in a lovely studio in the middle of the east Sussex country side on a quaint little farm on the out skirts of Robertsbridge which is bursting with inspirations!

At A P Illustrations we cover all sorts of work making greetings cards and children’s books to painting portraits and designing works for businesses and peoples needs!

A huge part of my work is my alphabet project where I illustrate and personalise letters from the alphabet for the client. It is as simple as choosing a letter from my alphabet, say A is for Alex or Aeroplane for example and I add the magic and bring it to life with detailed illustrations! These pieces of pen and ink work are proving to be very popular and make a great gift for that someone special a child’s nursery or even to decorate your own home.

I cover many other projects such as my bespoke book illustration! This is a fantastic gift for a newborn, christenings or a special child’s birthday! You choose a toy it can be any toy a new one or a much loved favourite. I then take this toy and illustrate a mini story book about it much like the army story book in my portfolios, I will take all the quirks and stories of the toy and try to get all its charm within the book. This makes a fantastic present for someone special as they end up with the toy and a fully illustrated book bespoke for them to keep for the rest of their days and even pass on to loved ones.

I also draw pencil portraits from your family photographs. I can do single portraits and multiple I also do a themed style one, where I place multiple themed images together on a long panoramic strip, take say images from your holiday away or various images from your wedding day and I will piece them together in a well compositional piece of art.

Last but not least I produce high quality bespoke wedding invitations and Table plans, all with bespoke themed work.

Along side all of this I also produce works for lots of different people and businesses needs

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